Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spirit Week February 2015

Do you do Spirit Week? We do several a year. This particular Spirit week was put on by our fourth grade class.

As you can see, 
Monday was PJ day, and it was quite popular.
Tuesday was Jersey Day. I was very glad my husband bought me  Leafs Jersey for Christmas.
Wednesday was crazy hair day. I didn't do this day. I ran out of time and didn't know what I wanted to do.
Thursday was Gender Day. I participated by not wearing Pink. It wasn't a popular day, although I had 3 boys wear pink shirts!
Friday was red day, which is awesome because I often try to wear red on Fridays. Both of my Grandfathers were in the Canadian Service, and ever since 9/11, we've been encouraged to wear red for them. I think a lot of people have forgotten. Recently there have also been a few Fridays where people wore red for the Mounties who've been injured or slain while on duty as well.

What are your favourite Spirit Week themes?

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