Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fort Mac Donation Stories

By now you have heard about the mandatory evacuation of Fort McMurray in Alberta. They had a horrible forrest fire go through their city, causing many to lose their homes. They are still without power in large portions of the city, and no one knows for sure when they will be allowed back to collect their things to either move on or rebuild.

There have been SO many heart warming stories to come out of this tragedy.
People across the country are doing what they can to do donate things residents lost and to help them get back on their feet.

Refugees from Syria are collecting money, clothes and more to send to Fort Mac Evacuees.
Bridal gowns have been donated so brides can still get married this week.
Prom dresses are being donated so grads can still have a memorable prom at the end of the month at their temporary high schools.

My friend and former coworker left with nothing but the clothes on her back, Her car was abandoned on the side of the road when it ran out of gas. She returned home to Nova Scotia to wait it out.

Tomorrow On May 16th, a group of teacherpreneurs on Teachers Pay Teachers are donating ALL proceeds from their stores to the Canadian Red Cross or another charity. Most are choosing the Red Cross because the government is matching donations, which is above and beyond what they will already be providing.

Click on the links to each seller who is participating to find the products you need for the end of the year, or to start preparing for next year. (My store is #10, or click HERE)

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