Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Remembrance Day lists 2016

I'm not in the classroom this year. I will be subbing, but I'm not in a rush to get on this list as I had surgery not long ago, and have been struggling to get my energy levels back up.

However, I AM spending time every day teaching my preschool aged daughter. We do a LOT of crafts, lol.

For Remembrance Day we will be making poppies, of course.

But first we will be learning why we wear poppies. She already has hers on her jacket. We will talk about how we wear poppies to show how happy and lucky we are to live in Canada.I'm not sure we'll talk about the soldiers that died until she is a few years older. When I taught grade one we learned about the soldiers who fought in wars to keep us safe, free and so we could have peace.

How we'll celebrate Remembrance Day in our house:

We will try wartime recipes (did you know a lot of things were rationed and so popular foods had to be adjusted)
This year:
Breakfast- A Popular choice was Grapefruit halves. When I was growing up my grandfather had this for breakfast often! He even had a special curved tool for lifting the sections out. I haven't seen one in years!
Supper-Meatloaf (stretched with crackers and maybe vegetables to make go further like during the war) and stuffed Baked Potatoes
Dessert- Baking Powder biscuit Cinnamon rolls

There are a LOT of poppy crafts suitable for a preschooler online.
Some of my favourites:

from mom-ed.blogspot
Craft for Remembrance or Memorial Day: Simple poppy with pipe cleaner and red construction paper.:

from Sassy Deals

and from House of Baby Pirahna

I will be showing her my favourite Remembrance Time video of course.
Every year we watch and to A Pittance of time. Nobody has ever really said it better than this song.

 If you haven't ever heard it, let THIS be the FIRST year it becomes part of your traditions, in school and at home.

How do you celebrate the day?

I will also be taking a  few pieces from my UPDATED Remembrance Day product to do with my daughter this year. The package has EXPLODED in size, and now offers options for just about everyone. Several parts of it are also sold separately. You may just like the FREE colouring page!

The original download was 25 pages, this is now 135 pages and growing!

Check out the WHOLE bundle here and from there click on the links to the individual components.

Remembrance Day Activities Decor and Crafts BUNDLE
Table of Contents:
6-8 KWL (colour & B&W)
9-27 Reading choices (colour & B&W)
28- 61 2 Emergent Readers
62-76 Writing Pages (colour & B&W)
77- 86 Colouring Pages
87-96 Math Numbers to 20
97-103 Crafts
104-106 Brag Tags (colour & B&W)
107-135 Classroom and Bulletin Board decor

UPDATED OCT 2016: Now ALSO includes Scrambled Sentences Product and Missing Numbers +/- Product.

For More AWESOME Remembrance day ideas, click on the below buttons!

Remembrance Day Resources For All Grades
Primary Teaching Resources by Nicole
The Primary Patch
Teacher Talk
Diamond Mom's Treasury of Teaching Resources
That Fun Reading Teacher
Reading With Miss D
Teaching Elementary and Beyond
Dancing into First


  1. I love the idea of trying wartime recipes with our own kids! Did you happen to watch BBC's Wartime Farm? I love that series. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love the food ideas, that is so cool! Thank you for sharing your wonderful Remembrance Day ideas and resources.

  3. Love the fingerprint poppies! I'm going to try that one with my preschooler.


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