Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Booking Across Canada Announcement!

I hope you're all still with me here, I'm ready to announce the date to post your Canadian books with accompanying free activities.

Drum Roll please.....

June 1st

That gives everyone just over a month to get their posts ready, and is well enough ahead of most Canadian schools ending for the year( and hopefully your rush to finish report cards).

We're still looking for a handful of provinces and territories to participate, and if anyone wishes to post multiple book if you just can't choose, or are worried someone else is choosing the same book, go right ahead.

Please share this party on your own blog, Facebook fanpage, and other social media to advertise the Booking Across Canada party. I will be sharing a link to this page on my Fanpage tonight.


I will be contacting all participants already signed up this weekend, in case not everyone is already following me.

Hopefully if you share this image on your blog to let your readers know it's coming up soon, we can interest participants from the last few regions we need teachers from.

Or alternatively, you can share the link from my fanpage.

Please follow me, I feel lonely with only 3 Facebook followers. Follow me and leave a link to your own fan page  and I promise to follow you back!

If you would like me to review other books for kids please leave a comment. It must be useful to either teachers or parents of children age 4 to grade 2.

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  1. I was wondering if we were still a go! I have the book A is for Algonquin all lined up for Ontario...I even received permission from the publisher to use some of their materials! I am very excited about this. Be sure to check the Blog by Province Linky on my site to see if there is anyone else you want to contact. A few more people have joined but we still don't have all the provinces.
    Looking forward to all the sharing!

  2. I am excited to see all the submissions. I believe I am following you. I am not sure where your fan page is but you are on my blog reading list. Does that count? I have included a link back to your blog on my recent post.
    Check it out!

    Thanks again for hosting.

    Middlehood Madness

  3. I've got my lesson all ready to go! I've posted today to advertise!


  4. Yeah, so glad you did this. I'll add a link to our Booking Across the USA project! Best wishes!


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