Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Reading Powers #3: Making Connections

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Back in February, I attended a workshop about the Reading Powers as defined and written about by Adrienne Gear.


I've been VERY slowly introducing this in my classroom as I become more comfortable with it. Last week we finally went beyond just talking about our connections to WRITING about our connections!

I made this large mock-up of a page in the book and plan on eventually laminating a permanent copy when we have laminate again at school so I can wipe away the old connection and start anew.

I walked the students through two different books making connections and then filling out my connections. We did one on each of two days. One day I took I am Sharing by Mercer Mayer and made a connection between Little Critter offering his sister the drippy ends of his ice cream to my daughter doing the same to me with a licked by our puppy half eaten banana, yum...

Little Critter(r) I Am Sharing

The next day I took a book from our Turtle Island Voices Collection: Beaver and Porcupine. I made connections to how they were friends and spend a lot of time together, and I spend a lot of time talking to my friends. I could have also connected to how they live in different homes and my friends don't live in our community, but this worked for my kids!
Turtle Island Voices - Grade 1 English, Class Set

After our second example with my connections, I read a new story, this time Mrs. Wishy-Washy Day, and made suggestions of a ton of different connections they could make. I chose this specifically because they should ALL be able to connect to one of these things:
1. Hiding from someone.
2. Hiding from Your mom when she calls you in.
3. Not wanting a bath.
4. Trying to give an animal a bath.
5. Falling into a body of water (tub, puddle, lake, etc)

A cow hid/ This is me hiding

She fell in the bath/ I fell in the puddle

Wishy tried to bathe the cow/Mom tried to bathe me

She fell in the tub/ I fell in the sink
How do you teach connections?

If you would like me to review other books for kids please leave a comment. It must be useful to either teachers or parents of children age 4 to grade 2.

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