Sunday, May 18, 2014

Science Object and Materials final lesson

Here in Saskatchewan one of the first-grade units is all about Objects and Materials, and several outcomes require kids to make a new Object out of other materials, so for our final lesson in this unit, we made these tambourines!

Materials per student:
2 paper plates
a small handful of noodles (we used shells)
8 10cmish pieces of ribbon
8 staples

First I directed students to colour the side of their plates that normally touch the table.
After that was done we formed a slow line where we filled with noodles, stapled four times, chose ribbons and returned to the end of the line to staple on their ribbons. Considering their different levels of artistry, it went pretty well!

Circle of Courage (most communities call it the medicine wheel)

Canadian Flag

Side view of another love tambourine

How do you end your Objects and Materials unit?

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  1. In manitoba, we too have a characteristics of objects and materials unit. I have done different things, including building an Easter basket and a pencil case. We give students criteria that they have to meet and yen they go off and plan, build etc out of classroom materials. The criteria for the pencil case was: it had to hold 3 pencils, it had to be able to open and close, it had to be strong. Students then had to go and plan, pick materials and problem solve to see how they could meet the criteria and build it! I wrote a post about it on my blog!




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