Friday, January 2, 2015

New Dolch Sight Word Product: Pick 5!

I'm in the Midst of creating a new Dolch Sight Word Product to use as a Bell work activity in my class starting this Monday.

My class has many struggling emergent readers, so I need to step up my sight word practice this month. I'm starting over with five words a week from the pre-primer list, with a different activity to do each of the five days using the same five words.

This will eventually be five full products and a Mega Bundle featuring all Dolch words in each activity.

I've shown some of my original sheets I made for my class previously, but I've changed it up for my new year new chances philosophy.

Here is a pic from my computer of the first page for Monday morning:

Originally the page said Colour, but I've changed it up to be called Pick 5!
There are two reasons for this:
1. Students get to pick ANY five colours to colour their five words.
2. I Don't have to make two copies of every page using Colour/Color.

What do you think?
Watch my Facebook page for a free sample before we go back to school on Monday, and then check back by the end of the week (hopefully), for when I offer up the whole Pick 5! package. I'll probably run some sort of contest for someone to grab a free copy. :)

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