Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Report cards and treats for you!

So maybe I have not been the greatest of bloggers lately, but I have great reason why not,



I've been working on my teacherpayteachers store.
Leader Board Superb

I've removed a few horrible older products, added a few awesome new ones, remade some poorly made old ones, and made a new Forever Freebie for the 100th day of School (which I'll celebrate February 13th). I've asked my Facebook fan page when everyone celebrates THEIR 100th day, and I'd love if you'd weigh in!

Here's a run down of these awesome goodies for you:

100th Day Forever Freebie:
100th day of school Student made posters
Your students will get to make some awesome cute huge posters as they practice counting to 100 and get to see how big 100 is.

Remade products:
Scissors Practice:
Scissors Practice
Students practice straight lines, curvy lines, jagged lines, etc. Many pages have stars for guidance.

Superhero writing paper:
Superhero Writing Paper (Journals)
Students get to write on a variety of colour or print friendly papers for journal time or other writing activities.

Raise your hand to 100: Count by 5's activity:
These posters have all the multiples of five on the hands, which I use as posters, but could be made for sorting cards, etc as well. Two sizes.

New Products:
First Two in a Sight Word Series. I'm now doing five words a week, and doing all five every day.

Pick Five Sight Word Pack

All Join In! Sight Word Pack

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