Friday, May 1, 2015

Sight Word activities

My class has a new favourite activity.

Sight Word Bingo!

I found this awesome freebie online from A Wellspring on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I like to save paper as much as possible, so I printed in two to a page instead of the full page in the freebie file. I also changed to black ink since I used red card stock.

The first day we used them, we used these blocks as our markers, but students were building towels and swords with them, so we've since returned to using beans.

This is just one part of our regular Sight word practice.
We also usually watch this video on YouTube, repeating the words after the dude.

On top of these, during our morning message I include the weeks five words and have students raise their hands to circle the words on the smart board, and to point to on our word wall. The love using my Finger pointers to find words.

Do a search for sight words or Dolch to find my popular slap hands and my worksheets we use for bellwork.

How do you teach Dolch?

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