Monday, June 6, 2016

New Teacher Feature! Book Posts

Do you have a blog? I'm looking to republish some posts of yours from the last year (or two) which feature a children's book for kids in preschool to grade 3.

Here's what I posted in the TPT forums:

I want to share your blog post! 

Hi, I'm Desiree @ Reading with Mrs. D, and I'm starting to line up posts to share on my blog this Summer. 
(and beyond)

As my store and blog name suggest, my intent is always to share about books and literacy.
Do you have a post from this past year that featured a children's book appropriate for preschool to third grade? 

If you're interested in this easy exposure, just send an email to (desiree dot trott at gmail dot com).

Please include:

1. The link to your original post
2. Your Logo
3. The name you want me to refer to you as I introduce your post 
(for example, I am Desiree, but sign my Blog posts as Mrs. D)
4. If it's not in your post, tell me why you teach/taught with this book (a favourite?)
5. Answer these questions for your "interview." 
Favourite teaching moment and why? 
Who was your favourite teacher, why? 
What would your Superhero name be, and why? 
What animal do you think would make a great teacher and why? 
If you could have any other job, what would you choose, why?

I look forward to start featuring you this week or next! (In the order I receive emails, of course)
I will email you to let you know the date the post is going live, 
-Yes you can submit more than one post, but I will space yours out throughout the summer.

As long as your post is NOT a huge advertisement for a product, I'd love to re-post it on my blog
I'll link back to YOUR blog so readers can find more ideas from you. 
Your post can include a link to a product of course, 
but I'm hoping for posts that make me want to read the book!

and will include a link to my post and the series image you can share (only if you like) on social media.

So, are you interested? All are welcome!

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