Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer Reading Series: My Book Blast

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to my new Summer Feature!

Every Friday I will be republishing a post by a fellow teacher-blogger featuring a book or books. I will also be sharing the bloggers answers to some questions for an interview section. If you would be interested in being a featured blogger this summer, please click THIS LINK and follow the directions on that page. I hope to hear from you soon!

Two Teacher Friends

Now onto the third feature.

Today's Post comes from Carrie from My Book Boost.

What was your favourite teaching moment and why?
Seeing improvement in the students' writing when you compare the beginning of the year to the end.

Who was your favourite teacher and why?
My favorite teacher was my 5th grade teacher, Mr. Meloy. He was caring, approachable, and had a sense of humor.

What would your Superhero name be and why?
My superhero name would be "Regenerative Wonder" because I'm always trying to think of ways to help the earth.

What animal do you think would make a great teacher and why?
An animal I think would make a great teacher would be a turtle because "slow and steady wins the race" when it comes to learning new skills. 

If you could have any other job, what would it be and why?
If I could have any other job, it would be something related to helping the environment, like resource management.


Ish Book Review
Originally Published January 23, 2015


You may be wondering, what does it mean when something is “-ish”? Basically, this story says it is something that closely resembles something. For example, if a room is pretty clean, but not perfectly clean, you could call it “clean-ish”. In the context of the book, it’s referring to when you draw. Kinda like my drawings of horses. They look horse-ish.

Peter H. Reynolds is fast becoming one of my favorite children’s book authors. The takeaways from his stories are useful for both adults and children. Ish is no exception. And I’m kind of a sucker for a book that rewards effort and perseverance over perfection.

I also really enjoy what happens between the sister and brother in the story. Without giving away too much, it appears that Marisol really looks up to her big brother Ramon.

“Tree-ish” is one illustration from the book.

Have you come across this book yet? If you haven’t read it yet, I’d recommend finding it fast-ish. (;


P.S. My latest resource is Ish Comprehension Questions and Reading Responses:

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  1. You've sold me on the book! I'm going to get it soon-ish or later-ish! Thanks for introducing me to a new book!
    ღ Diane


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