Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kindergarten Memories

Actually, for me they're Primary Memories because here in Nova Scotia that's what we call that grade. Weird I know, but it's the system I'm used to. I think it's because of the British connection?

Here's my class picture from 1985.

I can remember, in no special order (because honestly, who remembers the order things happened 30 years before?)

*Making tissue paper flowers that remind me of the poms teachers are making today to decorate their classrooms.

*Being out sick with the Measles, and my mom having to bring proof that I HAD had my booster shots. Nevertheless, I still had to get it again, ouch!

*The most popular game at recess was "Kissing boys and Kissing girls", where we chased each other around to kiss them. I stayed clear, but still managed to get my first Kiss from Christopher Pickles.

*Our classroom teacher, Mrs. Rathbun, also taught us gym. I don't remember the rules, but we had to chase each other around for one game to steal the "tails" of other students. Probably at Easter time?

*The cut off date for the start of school was in a weird place of the school calendar, and so I missed out on starting school by only a week. As a result, I was ALWAYS the oldest in my class. I hated it. I felt like I had failed at some point. If I was starting school today, I would  have been a whole year ahead, but I wouldn't have made the friends I did.

* My teacher had ten little Indian posters on the wall for learning to count. I bet today they wouldn't be allowed!

* Every first day of school my grandparents took a picture of us (me, my sister and two cousins) on their front porch before we walked to school. It's actually a nice tradition I want to continue when my baby gets older.

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  1. I JUST wrote a post about emotions and memories and what kind of memories student's will remember years down the road. I loved reading this post and seeing what kind of memories you had :) Thanks for sharing

    Miss L (WBT Blog Bug)
    Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching


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