Saturday, July 7, 2012

Past Projects #1

I've decided to share some past projects of my students. For some I have pictures, for some I don't, but I hope you'll find something you can use!

When I taught grade 3 on a Northern Manitoba reserve, I taught a lesson about welcoming immigrants to Canada. Part of this included an art project which was a poster to make those new immigrants feel welcome. It was a hard concept for my kids since the only newcomers on a reserve are other Native Canadians, and rarely the children of the teaching staff or the RCMP. When I was there, the only students in the school were locals.

On my chalkboards I wrote a title in fancy letters to encourage them to not be boring on theirs, and on the other side we brainstormed how the new immigrant would feel. I left this list up when we brainstormed a list of Canadian symbols. Since not all my kids were good readers, I also drew pictures beside the symbols. I almost always drew pictures on my boards to remind students what was written there.
Do you like my green squiggle representing the Northern Lights?

Here are my kids hard at work on their posters:

How do you teach about immigration?

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  1. I love seeing kids so involved! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger and Liebster Blog awards! Check it out on my blog.

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