Thursday, July 5, 2012

My miscellaneous discipline/classroom management plans

My current obsession  in classroom management is the totally awesome clipchart, and if my position would have been renewed, that's what I was going to use last year. Now I would also supplement it with the secret person.

But in the past I've used a few different ideas, some which worked well, some which needed a bit of tweaking.

When I taught for those three years I took a TON of pictures IN my classroom, but not OF my classroom, so what I can show you is clipped out of other images.

If you have any other comments or questions, please leave a comment, and I'll reply back.

1. On the back of the large file cabinet by my classroom door, I taped folders holding my daily attendance forms to send to the office, and the school-wide discipline forms. Every grade from K-8 had the same form to send down with a student who was misbehaving. I HATED sending these down, but sometimes the discipline problem was so extreme I had to send my kids out.

2. My kids had a lot of trouble remembering school and classroom rules, and even simple things like putting their name on their papers. Instead of putting focus on the offending student, I would say that "Kenny" had forgotten to walk in the hall, or to use an indoor voice, or whatever the current issue was. Since I had an empty desk, we gave him his own desk in the room.

3.a) Kenny also had trouble remembering to put his name on papers, so we pinned any nameless papers on this board. Once a name was put on it, it could be returned to my in box for marking.
b) Students were given a series of warning which could be erased with behaviour reversal. I always put a sad smiley face on the list.
first- name of board
second- check mark
third- circle around name
fourth- send to office with note from number 1 above.

4. Where do you post your classroom rules? I prefer to put them on the back of my door so we can review them every-time we're lined up to go somewhere. Here they are in my second classroom.

5.a) Under today's date and day of the 6 day schedule, I put the order of subjects for the day, which got erased as items were completed. My kids loved seeing us get closer to the end of the day. The picture shows only the first item of the day, I think it was a storm day, and we were waiting to be sent back home.
b) I've posted before as a freebie, my Smile savers, and in this pink bag is where I put them after students wrote their name son the backs for our daily drawing.

6. In my last classroom I had a lot less behaviour management problems, but I still wanted to reward great behaviour, so I made up this little board by my desk and gave students who were on task a sticker. When the post-it note was full, they got to take it home and start again, as well as get a prize from my drawer.

I hope you found some inspiration from my past classrooms!

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  1. I like your idea of posting the classroom rules on the door so they can be reviewed every time they line up at the door. :)Your stickers board is adorable too- I love how you did the lettering!
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