Friday, April 11, 2014

Two Easter crafts: Religious and Secular!

We're gearing up for Easter in my class and next week is a crazy week for us!

Monday is report-card day, so it's a half day, and we also will be enjoying a musical performance in the morning.
Tuesday is a normal day.
Wednesday is our normal staff meeting/early dismissal day for students.
Thursday is a normalish day.
Friday there is no school for Good Friday, and it's also the start of our Easter Break! One week off to relax with my husband and daughter!

To prep for the holidays we've done a couple of crafts.

Earlier this week we made these tape resist crosses inspired by Apples and ABC'S. They were SO simple to make!

My quick tutorial:

Use masking tape for best results (I bet painters tape would be even better!)
Teacher before class starts puts a cross down the centre of a sheet of white paper. We used plain copy paper, but you could use art paper instead for a sturdier paper. I may use card stock next year...
Show students how to use watercolour paint (we used pucks) to spread paint across their paper.
Direct to NOT remove tape until it is dry or else it WILL rip tear and form holes.
Once dry, CAREFULLY remove all tape to reveal a simple white cross.

Note: While I allowed my students to use whatever colours were on their trays, I used the following for these reasons:
Green: New Life
Purple: Royalty (Jesus was the King of Kings)
Yellow: Light (Jesus has no darkness in him, he is all light)
Red: Blood Shed

The white revealed by the tape being removed is his purity or sinless.

This was a hit, and SO EASY to make. You definitely need an extra helper when making these. Our LNC teacher offered to come in and help as she loves crafts.

My Quick Tutorial:

So Easy again!
Take a paint brush and paint the four fingers and palm of each students hand, but NOT the thumb.
Have students form the LIVE LONG AND PROSPER Vulcan hand salute. Most will need help.
Press their hand down on the purple paper and hold while they pull it back up.
Pour sparkles over top and pour excess off. (I do this step)
Tie a bow with ribbon and glue to neck of Bunny.

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