Friday, April 25, 2014

Working on our sight words

My students are all at different stages of remembering their sight words, and with only nine weeks left of school when we head back to class on Monday, I feel I really have to start pushing them even harder to be ready for next year.

So I'm coming up with a few changes to how I use sight words.

I've seen a few blog posts and Pinterest pins where teaches talk about having students slap or tag a Sight word on their way out the door.

I decided to actually design a set of cards I can laminate and put up this week to do this.
Since I have a few students still struggling with Dolch Pre-primer words, and many working on Primer, but a few happily chewing up the first grade list (where ideally they will most if not all be working on by the end of June), I colour coded my sets.

Red: Pre-Primer
Yellow: Primer
Blue: First Grade

I also made cards for all the second and third grade words as well as the Dolch nouns.

Second: Green
Third: Purple

Nouns: Orange

I'll put up four words a week of each colour my students are working with, but not tell them which set. If they notice a pattern, fine, but I'm not going to point out that so and so is only on RED, but so and so is already on blue. that would be mean.

I bundled EVERYTHING up for only $8, but each set is also available individually since most of us don't actually NEED all SIX sets in our classrooms at the same time. Pre-Primer is my newest Forever Freebie, and for the time being it is my featured Freebie on TPT. Click on the images to go directly to your chosen product.

Dolch Slap hands: Pre-PrimerDolch Slap hands: PrimerDolch Slap hands: First Grade
Dolch Slap hands: Second GradeDolch Slap Hands: Third GradeDolch Slap hands: 95 Nouns



Dolch Slap hands: Complete Bundle

Stay tuned for my other new initiative, the clothesline!

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