Sunday, November 2, 2014

Finally Done with Book fair (sort of...)

I am SOOO glad that I'm finally done with our book fair. It was a really long week for me, considering it was also Halloween. Our goal was to surpass last year's sales totals, and we did, so YAY us! We set a challenging goal that for every $50 over and above lasts years totals that we'd get to throw a pie at the VP. We are definitely throwing pies.

Here is me taking money from our high school librarian at the second day of the fair. She was a huge help to us the first day of the fair since it was set up in her Library. We actually set up the fair a total of four times! We had to move it.

Day 1 was at our Literacy Carnival at the high school, so we set up the fair in the Library.
Day 2 was at a local community fundraiser on Saturday, so we set it up at the hall.
Days 3-4 were in our Elementary school Community Room.
Days 5-6 were in our Elementary staff room because our community room was needed for a local event.

That's a lot of extra work!
But we survived, and we will do another fair in the Spring as our Principal wants us to find as many ways as possible to increase literacy in our school and community.

All that's left is to back into school tomorrow and carefully pack up all the boxes.
It'll be a long day tomorrow, but I'll feel very accomplished when I'm done.

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