Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remembrance day 2014 Activities and Cross Tutorial

 We recognized Remembrance day at our school last week. My class did a number of activities to learn about the occasion. I started by changing our Halloween door decor into this more somber cross and the traditional Remembrance day message of Lest We forget. It was really hard at the first of the week to get them to understand that this message means So we don't Forget. Then we had to talk about WHAT we don't want to forget. I showed them this video from Scotland, and explained the differences between our poppy production and theirs:

I then shared with them this music video from an artist who understands why we need to remember, and wrote a beautiful song about our yearly "Pittance of Time":

 Throughout the week we did a few activities from my Remembrance day packet. On Friday before the assembly they did these colouring pages.

Every Class in our school sends two students up during the assembly with our Remembrance day offering. Last year my class made a beautiful wreath, his year I had them make a cross.

Here's my quick Tutorial:

1. Water down paint and have students paint both sides of plain cupcake liners.

2.  The next day when they are dry, show the students how to put the eraser end in the centre of the circles and fold completely over so they look like a little umbrella. Open up enough to look like little bowls.

3. Cut a little green circle for the centre of the flower and glue in the middle of the cup.

4. Create a cross out of cardboard and black construction paper.  

5. Glue or staple your poppies all over, and you're done!

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