Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hand washing Lesson

Every year at least once the public health nurse comes to our school and talks to the kids about the importance of washing their hands. This is especially important in flu season (side note, did you get a flu shot this year, we did)
Her lesson for grade 1 is pretty simple, but effective for the day (it's up to me to remind them daily of what they learned from the nurse).

She read them a story about covering your mouth when you sneeze with your arm, shoulder or kleenex, but not your hand.

Then she gave them "special" lotion to rub into their hands so they can see all their germs. They eagerly rubbed it into their hands and were amazed by how bright blue their hands looked under her light. She definitely got her lesson across about handwashing today!

She then taught them to sing the ABC's to themselves while they wash their hands. If they don't finish the song, they haven't scrubbed long enough.

How do you teach the importance of handwashing?

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