Sunday, August 2, 2015

Get ready for back to school!

So many of you are heading back to school right now or like most of my friends, in a month. I wish I were joining you, I'm definitely looking for something, I will never give up hope!

I'm sure your Social Media Feed is filling up with news of Teacherspayteachers annual Back to School sale Tomorrow and Tuesday.
You can get up to 28% off your entire purchase!
 Mrs. D rules!

I have MANY products new and old that will help you as you gear up for the new year, and they're not all pay products. Keep reading for the best of my store.

1. Pink Shirt Day packet. Many schools in Canada have this anti-bullying day early in the year, and this packet has everything you need.
Pink Shirt Day

2. Superhero colour posters. I have a hero theme in my room so these fit right in!
Superhero colour color posters and flashcards

3. Superhero writing paper. Perfect for many stages of writing.

Superhero Writing Paper (Journals)

4. Scissors Practice. How often do you have a student who just needs a bit of extra time to figure out how to cut straight lines?
Scissors Practice

5. Superhero Shapes posters. My kiddos loved these!

6. Sneaker Club. I had SOOO many kiddos who had trouble simply tying their shoes this year. This will help.

7. Letter Reversal Bundle. I had a few kiddos that just couldn't keep a few letters straight. This package was my way of helping them stabilize the letters. It worked for some, not for others.

8. Name all year Writing Packet FREEBIE! Each month or quarter have your students print/write their name in their VERY best. And at the end of the year you have a visual record of their progress.
My name All Year: Penmanship Varieties

These are just some of more my than 50 products. Also check out my Dolch bundles, they're great for bellwork or centre time.

Do you hear the bell ringing for back to school yet?

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