Monday, August 3, 2015

Water day/Fire Day

The last day of School in June we had our annual water day. The younger grades played water games in the back of the school with soap and bubbles in a few pools and tubs, and a homemade waterslide on a tarp. The highlight of the event for the kids is when staff go up on the roof and hurl water balloons at them.

However, the fun was cut short.
The sky was getting darker all day, and we were just waiting for the rain to start. We heard some thunder a bit away from us, but we continued to play.
However, I looked up from where I was chatting with two awesome coworkers and remarked "That cloud looks different". We went around the front of the school to see it was indeed smoke coming from the vast forest across the lake from us. Students in older grades who had been swimming in the lake reported seeing the lightening strike the tree.

That fire never stopped. We dismissed the students to go home early, and the next day was to be report card day.

If you followed Canadian news this summer, this was one of MANY fires which ravaged Northern Saskatchewan. The next day the smoke was still thick in the air.
Report Card day was also the day my family began our trek across the country to move back home to Nova Scotia, so we thankfully did not have to become one of the thousands of evacuated Northern Residents a few days later.

I'm grateful that the community is safe, and the evacuation order is lifted, however it is expected that many of the fires will not be over until the first snow falls.

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