Monday, August 3, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness Link-up

Like Monica from iheartgrade3, I too have anonymously paid for the coffee of the next person in line, and the cashier at Tim Horton's looked at me like I was crazy as well!

Why am I telling you this? Let this image answer your question:
Random Act of Kindness
But since I can't tell you the same story, I'll tell you another!

My husband is the King of Acts of Kindness towards our friends and family. My favourite story is the time I was working across the country when we we just dating and he showed up at my moms house after a long day of work (his job is outdoors and labour intensive) to shovel her driveway after yet another snowstorm. She was so touched!

But that is not my story today, as it was not a Random Act Of Kindness to me/us or that we gave together to someone. 

Today I will tell you about the time our friends paid us back.

We were freshly engaged and we lived in a remote community, and not all of our fellow teachers had cars/trucks of their own as we had mostly flown to the community. However we did have a vehicle, and although we always made sure to have supplies for a minimum of two weeks in our apartment at all times to reduce trips to town for supplies, there was always SOMEONE who needed something they couldn't get in the Northern Store in town. So pretty much every weekend we ended up piling up in our truck with 2-3 people squeezed into the back seat for the trip to town.

We always had  a lot of fun shopping and hanging out with our friends, and since we basically went to town weekly, we were able to shop leisurely.

One thing you need to know about my husband, he will not accept money for doing a favour, especially one we benefitted from as well. After all, we got out of town and got to window shop.

Well, we used to time our trips to town so that  it would include a stop at a fast food joint or the local Boston Pizza for lunch. Our friends decided to beat us to the server to pay for our meal. So then we started timing our trips to avoid lunch (which made me sad because no fast food!) After several weeks/months of us refusing to take money for gas and returning it when we found it hiding in the glove box, our friends got crafty!

Once Rita and Andrew hid a DVD in our car and no one claimed it to be theirs. Eventually it came out that it was for gas.

But my absolute favourite time was the time we were still literally pulling up to the gas station in Thompson and John leapt out of the still moving vehicle to beat my husband into the store to pay for the gas! We laughed about that for a really long time.

If this doesn't count as a random act of Kindness, I can tell you about the Smile Project I initiated in the Sunday School classes I used to teach.

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