Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Weekly Summer Link-up #4: Me in Grade School

Sorry for the Delay Everyone! But as always the links will stay open ALL summer!
Hi everyone, and Welcome to the fourth week of my Weekly Summer Link-Up 2016!

Please join in for ANY or ALL weeks that appeal to you.

This week all the teacher authors (and any other bloggers who stumble across our linky and want to link up!) you'll find below will be sharing with you about when they were in grade school. 

Here is a reminder of all the coming topics. 

Now...  Onto MY Me in Grade School  Post!


Who was Mrs. D in Elementary School?

I was pretty darn quiet, and not exactly outgoing. But I wasn't yet the nerd I was going to grow up to be!

 Here is my grade Primary Class (Kindergarten for most of you!) I'm in the back row with the magenta bow. Lovely 1985 fashion. Mrs. Rathbun was my teacher, but we had a long term sub when she had a baby (wish I remembered her name). I missed a lot of school that year because my booster shot didn't work and I got measles. (That is why to this day I have directional hearing issues.) The school wouldn't let mom send me back to school until she PROVED I'd had my needle. HUGE difference from today when parents can just sign a paper saying they chose not to inoculate their kids. I wouldn't have missed as much school if this had been now instead of 30 years ago.
Side note: I HATED reading!

And this was my grade 6 class. I'm in the middle row wearing a floral dress, nearest to our teacher. In NS grade 6 is the last year of Elementary in most schools (depends on population and size of schools whether grade  6 is moved to junior high). Mrs. McCarthy was a strict teacher, but very good. She definitely made us all ready for junior high. As you might be able to tell, it was finally the 90s and many girls were wearing leggings with lace. I loved that year in fashion! By this time I loved reading. I had found and devoured the Babysitters club series. I wanted to be in their club so much, lol

During Elementary I had a few extracurriculars. I was involved in guiding for 5 years. Two years as a brownie, and 3 as a guide. This picture was from when I flew up to guides at the end of brownies.

I also played softball for Woodlawn Minor Softball. I sucked. So I played outfield. I wanted to be a pitcher though. But I had fun, mostly. Except not the year my coach had favourites and didn't make those of us not in his little club feel like we were important parts of the team.

Now it's your turn, share some about yourself in Elementary school!

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