Saturday, July 9, 2016

Weekly Summer Link-up #3: Teachers on Vacation

Hi everyone, and Welcome to the third week of my Weekly Summer Link-Up 2016!

Please join in for ANY or ALL weeks that appeal to you.

This week all the teacher authors (and any other bloggers who stumble across our linky and want to link up!) you'll find below will be sharing with you about their vacations. It may be one from the past, this coming summer, or their dream vacation, It's up to them!

Here is a reminder of all the coming topics. Below you will find the links to my prepared posts for each week. If it doesn't work, that means you are clicking on it before it is live. You're an eager beaver!

Now...  Onto MY Teachers on Vacation Post!


For my Vacation post I'm going to share about our trip to BC last Christmas.

We've never taken a true summer vacation, as hubby works for a company that requires him to work all summer in the remote areas of Northern Labrador.

So last year when we were living in Saskatchewan, when our friends from BC invited us to visit them for Christmas and see the Rocky mountains for the first time, we JUMPED at the chance!

The highlight of the trip for our daughter however wasn't the mountains, it was the train we took from Prince George to Kitimat. It was a long day, but much easier on everyone than the drive would have been! Our DD got to walk around as much as she needed, and nap comfortably!

However for hubby and I the highlights were our surroundings!

The mountains!

The GIANT trees!
 and stumps....

The Pacific Ocean!

It was a fantastic trip, we saw so much, and our friends tried SO hard to convince us our next move should be to BC. I have to admit, hubby was tempted, as he's a lumberjack by trade.

How about you? Tell me about YOUR vacations!


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