Friday, April 7, 2017

35 Acronyms for Silent Reading Time

As a student in the 80s and early 90's, my junior high (middle school to most of you, but it was 7-9) had silent reading every day right after lunch before the first afternoon class.

Here is my compiled list of Silent Reading Acronyms
Is yours on the list?

1. Our school called it USSR- Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading.

2. SSR- Sustained Silent Reading (or Self Selected Reading)

3. I've also had a lot of schools call it DEAR- Drop Everything And Read.

4. My first student teacher placement had it called OTTER Time- Our time To Enjoy Reading

5. I've heard of SQUIRT- Super Quiet Uninterrupted Independent Reading Time (or solitary) (or unique) (or Individual, interesting)

6. How about WEIRD?- We Enjoy Independent Reading Daily

7. ZYLAR- Zip Your Lips And Read

8. FUR- Free Uninterrupted Reading

9. DIRT- Daily Independent Reading Time (or Individual)

10. IRT- Independent Reading Time

11. WEB- We Enjoy Reading (or Wonderfully Entertaining Books)

12. FVR- Free Voluntary Reading (or reverse the VF)

13. POWER- Positive Outcomes While Enjoying Reading

14. HIP- High Intensity Practice

15. What about HERO? Helping Everyone Read Outstandingly?

16. WART- Writing and Reading Time

17. BEARS- Being Excited About Reading Stories (or Enthusiastic)

18. GROW- Go Read Others Writing

19. GRAB- Go Read a Book

20. FART- Families are Reading Together

21. BARF- Be a Reading Freak

22. RABBIT- Read a Book Because it's There

23. ERIC- Everybody Reads in Class

24. FRED- Free Reading Every Day

25. FROG- Frequently Reading Our Goal

26. NIB- Nose in Book

27. OSCAR- Our School Cares about Reading

28. PAR- Pause and Read

29.QBT- Quiet Book Time

30. ROAR- Reach Out and Read

31. STAR- Students, Teachers, All Reading (or Sit together and Read)

32. SURF- Silent Uninterrupted Reading Fun

33. Who RAH!- Who Reads At Home?

34. ART- Active Reading Time

35. READ- Read Everyday and Dream

What do you call it? Or did you find a new idea?

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