Monday, November 12, 2012

My Sunday School Room


I forgot to post pictures of my Sunday School room now that it's set up. I don't have great pictures, since I was in a rush to go collect my daughter from the nursery, and I seem to have forgotten one wall, so I'll post a part two of this after next Sunday.

Tell me what you think, please!

This is my month of Sundays. Each card tell the lesson the students should be learning from that weeks story, and the passage the story is taken from. I love my banner, I made it by cutting up two old gift bags and some ribbon leftover from my wedding a year ago.
Month of Sundays Bulletin Board

This is my "World". Every time a student comes for the first time or we have a visitor, they get to colour a child to put up on this wall. I'm up there too! The message says "We are all Disciples". which has been the focus of our first unit this year from Seasons of the Spirit, which is the curriculum our Superintendents purchase for the church school.
Children Disciples of the World

At the far end of the room you'll see my rules posters and the current welcome song. This is actually the second one this year. It is not written from me, it is from the curriculum, and is pretty cute.

This is our faith tree. Each lesson comes with a circle with an image in it which is designed to remind us what the past lessons have been. Every week when i put up the new image I review the previous images.
Faith Tree

OOPS, I forgot to take pictures of my last decorated wall, and Wall fur is strictly Kitchen at the moment, but I may put some stuff up on those walls before the end of the year, we'll see.

I just posted the missing 3rd wall here. But in case you just want to see it without going to the link, here it is:

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