Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday School: Making the World a better Place (and the missing pictures)

This past Sunday, my class was learning the lesson from one of the more difficult passages in the bible.

Mark 13: 1-8
In this passage, Jesus Teaches his disciples that even that most well built buildings will not last forever. That an end must come to everything on this Earth. That a New Day is coming.

To help my kids try to understand the story, our curriculum wanted us to trace out a large stone on a wall with yarn and then hand out paper cut into the shape of rocks to write on them things that are on Earth now, and that must be gone in order for his New Day to arrive.

I took a piece of the largest paper in the supply closet and drew on it a series of rocks before the class came down.

Together we brainstormed things to put in the squares:
Bad Weather (because I didn't want to fill the wall with just Hurricanes, tornadoes, etc)

I wrote all these with a black/brown marker.

Then we got out three bright colours, and covered those bad things with the Good things WE can do to help bring God's New Day:
Be Friendly

Next, I handed out Cube Nets to my kiddos.
They wrote on one face "God's New Day", and on the other Five they wrote some ways they need to remember to be/do to help God bring us his New Day.

And as promised a Week ago, here is the wall I forgot to photograph before to share. (I'm going to edit the previous post to include these pictures):

This wall has all my posters (the Liturgical year- 3 versions, the books of the Bible, and the Lord's Prayer), as well as my Alphabet from this site. You can see on the close up, that my class is keeping track of four things. We just started a few weeks ago.
Our church collects Can tabs to send to a gentleman who uses them to buy wheelchairs for the needy.
We of course donate food to the food bank.
Through the Canadian Bible Society we collect dimes to help buy Bibles. Technically, the society doesn't do this program anymore, but we still collect the dimes and donate them to their missions.
And we collect stamps for the Leprosy Mission.

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