Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday School Recap: Learning Our Christmas Song

So as I shared yesterday, I wrote a song for my Sunday School class to learn and on Sunday we were going to start learning it. After all, the Sunday School concert is December 16th, which not that far away now!

My Christmas Songs:

At my church about once a month or so, the grade 2 and up classes return midway through the service to participate in Communion, and this was one of those Sundays. So my class was shortened significantly today, and we didn't get to my cute craft, sniff....

But since I had prioritized learning the song, right after today's lesson about Reign of Christ Sunday (the last day of the church calendar), I jumped right into teaching the song.

I started out by singing the song to the kids, and then asked if any knew the tune, about two did, one of which KNEW the song very well, and was excited, lol.

Then I had them follow along on their sheets (which they brought home today to practice at home).

The one boy in my class tried to hide the fact that he wasn't singing with us by holding his sheet in front of his face.

But I had a trick up my sleeves!

I next had the kids whisper sing it, which they found a little funny.

But I still wasn't done, I got them to sing it in a weird voice which I'm sorry to say I can't describe for you, but trust me, I got a LOT of giggles.

Following this, we sang it like Opera singers, but I called it "Like angels", which was still funny to them.

Finally, we sang it normally again, and by now I think they could have sung it without the words, but I'll hold off on that until next Sunday.

Next week I hope to have a few more silly voices up my sleeves. I think we'll try loud singing, but I'm hoping some of you have an idea or two up your sleeve for me?
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