Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Criminal Record Checks

I don't know about you, but since I'm not settled on a place to work next year, not even what province, I have a lot of preparing to do with each new application.

For my criminal record check I have to go to my local police station or apply online. And it has to include a vulnerable sector check because I'll be working with children. Online is done through mybackcheck, thankfully the link for doing it for Halifax allows you to do the whole thing.

For $50!
I remember paying a lot less than that every other time I've requested a check. But they have you by the balls, so to speak, because you can't get a teaching job without being cleared of offences, at least not in Canada.

Plus, if something comes up and you have the same name, birthday or gender, they require you to go to police headquarters and get your fingerprints done electronically, which will cost you (me), an additional $25. Gee Whiz!

Some of the jobs I've seen advertised specifically request an RCMP check, but for now I'm just going to be providing this one. If they request the RCMP check, I'll get it then, but this is a national search  so it should be good enough. I hope.

I think I should have done this sooner, but last time I got one done the RCMP did it, and it was finished (including Vulnerable section) while I waited.

I filled out my online application this week, and was told that once my information was verified, it would only take about 3 days before the results are dropped in my online account. That's SO much better than the more than 2 weeks you're expected to wait for doing it in person. I wonder if that is by design to encourage folks to do it online and save the officers at the front desk some time?

In any case  I was unable to verify my ID at the end of the application, because I got one or more of the questions wrong about me. Can you imagine? lol.

So they provided a list of Post Offices to go to to get a form I had to download stamped by the worker there who would verify my ID and scan the form immediately.

So my fingers are crossed that I'll have my criminal record check with vulnerable sector check in my digital hands by weeks end, but since it's Easter weekend, I figure I won't see it until Tuesday at the earliest.

Does your board/School require Criminal Record Checks? What is your experience with them?

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  1. I am so sick of criminal record checks. I understand how important and necessary they are when you are working with children but I don't understand why, if you order a check, can't the information just be kept on your file for the 2 years until it expires and various employers can just call and confirm that you pass the check? For example, I had to get a criminal record check to be in the Faculty of Education at our university. I also needed one for the school that I am student teaching in, one for each of the two divisions that I substitute teach in (even though one of them is the same as where I am student teaching) and another one for my summer job with Childrens disABILITY Services. That is 5 record checks (they all needed originals and not photocopies) to have within a period of 4 months. It really adds up :(
    If your info could be kept on file and employers could just phone in and confirm then it would be a lot easier I think.

    Miss L
    Miss L’s Whole Brain Teaching


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