Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas around the World 2014 Continued

As I shared in my previous post, I've been doing Christmas around the World with my Kiddos this year. I also did a lot of awesome crafts for this theme last year too.

Christmas Around the World 2014 part 1
Christmas Around the World 2013

I didn't manage to get as many days done this week as I'd planned, in fact, we only did two our last week due to all the other things we had to do and school traditions.

Day 9: Christmas in Brazil.
I couldn't find a good book to go along with our PowerPoint, so if you have one to suggest, that would be awesome for next year. For Our craft we made these tinsel birds, which we used tissue for because I had no tinsel. I don't know anyone who even uses tinsel anymore, do you?

Day 10: We celebrated Christmas in Mexico. My kids had a hard time concentrating on our Legend of the Poinsettia book, as the story is long, but I hope they liked the craft we made at the end.

As you can see, throughout the month I added each country to our classroom tree. My kids kept going back and looking at the ornaments, and asking me if they could have the candy in the cracker, lol.

Day 11: I was sick with a flu going around our community, so I had our sub tell the story of Christmas in Bethlehem. from the Bible.

After their craft they made these cute Jesus in the Manger hand print crafts. Not too much trouble, and they turned out pretty cute!

Day 12: I came back and we did Christmas in the Philippines. I have no story, and forgot to take a picture of their star parols, oops!

The rest of our week was too busy to do any other days around the world, but I hope my kiddos got something out of it.

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