Saturday, December 27, 2014

Crafting for the Christmas Concert

Four days ago I shared pictures of ALL the decorations at the Christmas Concert. Today I want to highlight the ones my class made.

I popped FOUR bowls of air popped corn to make these Popcorn Santas with my class. Never again!

Too many of them look like old Ninjas.
Too many kids didn't get the concept of dipping the corn in he glue, and ended p with GLOBS on their papers.

The smell of these mixed with tons of glue resulted in a not pleasant smelling room until they were put up in the gym.

However, the overall effect is cute, lol.

Our other concert craft were these very simple to decorate musical Frosty the Snowmen. I'll definitely aim to make these again.

I found both of these crafts on Pinterest. Find these and more on my boards HERE.

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