Monday, December 8, 2014

First Grade fairy tales

My last unit in Language Arts was fairy Tales. We didn't have much time to do a lot, since I have to focus so much of my time on making sure my kids of the pre-emergent skills to start reading, but we did do some things!

We red the Story of The Princess and the Pea, and we coloured pictures of her mattresses using our patterning skills from September.

For The three little pigs we did a bit more. I forgot to take a picture of our sequencing activity, but here is a picture of our sight word sentences we copied into our notebooks. Eventually we have to start writing our own sentences, but for right now we're focusing on leaving spaces between lines, words and staying on a straight line. And of course recognizing our sight words as we print.

This is NOT my bulletin board, but instead belongs to the teacher down the hall. Check out her kiddos awesome fairy tale work!

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