Saturday, December 13, 2014

Santa day

This week at our School will be our annual Santa Day. 

The kids really look forward to it every year. Santa comes to school with his helpers and a present for every student (which parents were expected to send in $15 for). You probably wonder how kids won't know about the money, but our town is small, and so the whole town works together to make this work. Parents can actually go into our only store, the Co-op, and pay their money there, or speak to one of several staff members who are responsible for collecting the cash.

This year it's all a little different, but I think better.

Santa came to visit at the End of November to take a picture with every student (which will be converted into Ornaments for the parents). This was also meant to be a deterrent for naughty behaviour for the month of December as Santa reminded students not to get on the Naughty list.

On Santa Day, this Wednesday, Santa will visit again and deliver to each student a gift purchased just for them. Also on this day, students, staff and and parents who come are served a Turkey Dinner. I am grateful for any parents who come and help.

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