Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More Guided Reading

I've posted about our New Guided Reading Routine Before and showed pictures of my guided reading corner. But here is a bit more about what's going on with my kiddos.

This Chart shows where every single student from 1 and 2 are placed on our guided reading levels (We don't use a standard leveling chart, our board uses an alternate designed  by another board several years ago.)

As you can see from this chart from a few weeks ago, I'm working with two of our Emergent Literacy Groups. Students in these groups have one or more section left to pass on our boards Emergent Literacy Test. Our LNC teacher tries to test and pass as many of these kids as she can every week, and I try to give them the skills needed to pass the sections they have yet to master. 

Each student gets a Large Ziploc with their name on it that the staff member they are working with can place the books they are reading and the running record when they are ready. We also put in sight word pages and other printed activities done to coordinate with the book. Inside is a book list so that students can record which books they've done at which level so when they switch groups but maybe at the same level the new staff member can ensure they aren't studying the same book for several weeks in a row.

Two activities I've done with my Emergent Groups.
Most of the Kids still in our Emergent groups are having trouble with sight words still. They need to know at least two to pass that section of the test. I've made several of these worksheets up to practice finding our sight words. This is just one of many activities we do. Did you see my slap words game? It's a modified version of a paid product in my tpt shop.
The second is the Intervention page for the Oral Language Component of the test. At this point I think only one student has yet to pass this section, but hopefully he will in the new year. The EA in my class is his Auntie. He won't consistently talk to any other staff, but he will to her, so we're hoping he'll be able to pass the test if she administers it.

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