Monday, December 1, 2014

Report Card Day

How often a year do you have report cards, and the accompanying Parent-Teacher Meetings?

Our board has the year divided up into quarters, so we have these four times a year.

We had to have our marks input into Power Teacher by Midnight on Remembrance Day, and then that Thursday the kids were allowed home at lunch so their parents could visit in the afternoon.

From 2-6 we sat in our classrooms waiting for the rush of parents. 

I'm sure like many of you there is a variety of parents who visit. 

We have parents who want to come in, want to sit down, and want to have a real conversation.

We also have the parents who are only there to get the report card and because they don't want to get calls from the office reminding them to come in.

And then there are the parents who for one reason or another, don't send anyone in to collect the report cards....

 I'm glad to say by the time the evening was over, I only had a handful of reports that were not picked up. I'm hoping for more at mid-year, so fingers crossed!

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