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15 Old and New Ways to Teach Cursive

How do You Teach Cursive?


This series:
Part One: Why Teachers Hate Cursive
Part Two: Why Teachers Love Cursive
Part Three: Old and New Ways to Teach Cursive

(Some of You shared your ideas for teaching Cursive as part of your survey results!)

On March 5th I posted a Survey asking what other teachers thought about cursive writing. I received an OVERWHELMING response from you.
I was expecting maybe 25 or 50 responses, but I received WELL over the 100 responses you can access as part of your free membership to surveymonkey.

SO the results I will be sharing with you represent ONLY those first 100 responses. So I'm sorry if you do not see your responses shared.

This final post in the series Shares the ways you find time to teach cursive in your day.

Here's a sampling of the responses from where you were asked to provide more information:

15 Old and New Ways to Teach Cursive

1.  We give it as homework and teach it the first two weeks.

2. We require every student to hand in work with their name written in cursive. I expect my kids to hand in name and date in cursive. The goal is to help them develop a signature.

3. We have a program called ABC boom that helps with printing and can be used to teach kindergarten students cursive.

4. The librarian teaches it to 4th grade

5. I record our assignments on the assignment board in cursive so they have practice reading it.

6. We have begun practicing it as daily work, mostly for early finishers.

7. One 5\6 teacher created video lessons through Google classroom for students to watch at their own pace.

8. We use it as a motivator. If your printing is legible, spacing is correct, letter size and formation are adequate ......we teach the class your name.

9.  Sometimes if my class has worked really hard, I do teach it at the very end of the year but if we still aren't at grade level, I don't.

10. I teach third and one of my literacy centers is cursive. I don't teach it, but they do practice a letter a week.

11. I use Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, which I was trained in. My student's writing is beautiful! Even the worst printers, have beautiful cursive.

12. I teach 4th -6th grade and at the beginning of the year, I review the cursive alphabet as their morning warm up, one lower and one uppercase letter a day.

13. The rest of the year, the morning writing prompt is in cursive and they must respond in cursive.

14.  They also must practice spelling words in cursive as one activity.

15. I have the cursive alphabet up in the room and require some things to be written in cursive.

To summarize:
Teachers Find a LOT of ways to incorporate cursive writing if they want or need to teach it.

Did you find a new idea?
Did I miss your FANTASTIC idea? Please share in the comments and I will edit this post!

How do you teach Cursive Writing?
Please comment below!

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