Thursday, March 23, 2017

5 Reasons Teachers Hate Cursive Writing

Do Teachers Hate Cursive?

It turns out, some of us do!

This series:
Part One: Why Teachers Hate Cursive
Part Two: Why Teachers Love Cursive
Part Three: Old and New Ways to Teach Cursive

On March 5th I posted a Survey asking what other teachers thought about cursive writing. I received an OVERWHELMING response from you.
I was expecting maybe 25 or 50 responses, but I received WELL over the 100 responses you can access as part of your free membership to surveymonkey.

SO the results I will be sharing with you represent ONLY those first 100 responses. So I'm sorry if you do you see your responses shared.

This series of posts starts will the reasons you gave me for why you don't like cursive or don't feel it needs to be taught in our schools.

Here are the results of the first TWO questions
31% of respondents did not teach Cursive
 More importantly, 19% Did not believe that we should be teaching Cursive

So, why didn't those 19/100 teachers not think we should be teaching cursive?
Here's a sampling of their responses from where they were asked to give more information:

5 Reasons Teachers Hate Cursive Writing (or why they don't)

1.  I myself do not use it.

2. a) I honestly feel like technology has helped make cursive writing a somewhat useless skill.
b) Typing skills and computer literacy have taken over the time we use to teach cursive. As it should.

3. As soon as my students can enter fourth grade reading in grade level or the government decides that testing isn't tied to my pay/ evaluation then I will teach cursive.

4. The whole world is in print now with the computer.

5. It's irrelevant!

Do you Hate Cursive Writing?
Please comment below!

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