Friday, March 17, 2017

YouTube video of the Week #3: Wants vs Needs

Check out this video from Teachmeaboutmoney for an awesome tutorial about wants and needs!

There is an overwhelming number of videos for this first grade concept on Youtube. I love the visual of the two boys saving for a bike, and one wasting his money on junk and the other being able to afford the bike when summer finally comes around again.

My daughter has her own debit card and knows she can buy whatever she wants with her money, but if it's something expensive, then she needs to save. Saving is hard when you're only 5, but I'm sure she'll catch on soon, She would REALLY like an American Doll. And it  is too much for Mommy and Daddy to afford.

She always wants to buy candy or dresses for her dolls, but if she WANTS to buy an American Doll, then she NEEDS to save and stop spending he allowance on silly things that clutter her room.

If you would like to suggest YOUR video to be our new featured video of the week, please leave a link in the comments. It must be useful to either teachers or parents of children age 4 to grade 2.

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