Monday, March 13, 2017

Is Red the Best Colour?

What's your favourite colour?

Take a minute and really think about it.
Did you have to think about it?
No. I didn't.
I've known my favourite colour was pink since I was a little girl.
Sure, I played with the idea of Jade as my favourite colour for a year or two in junior high, but I ALWAYS come back to pink.

It's my first love. For colour, that is.

For my daughter, she's known since she was three that her favourite colour is purple. I think it's because of my mother, her grandma also prefers purple. We'll see if purple is still her favourite when she starts school in September. If she's anything like me, she'll stubbornly hold onto her colour for a long time.

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A Library of Choices

Colours are like books in the library, there is one for every reader.
Every week I take my daughter to the library, Every week we come back with a huge assortment of books in a variety of genres. Some are new to us both, some I remember reading.

I'm always pleased when she picks a book I remember from my childhood.

This week one of her Selections was RED IS BEST by Kathy Stinson.

 Red is Best

Red Is Best Red Is Best
About the Annikin Series: Annikins are mini books made especially for children -- small enough to fit into tiny hands and pockets. Each book measures 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 and contains full-color pages. Individual titles available in quantities of 20s only.

What makes this book awesome?
The child in the story, Kelly, is like all of us. She knows her own mind, and is stubborn in her preferences, trying very hard to win the argument with her mother over what colour items she should be wearing. Looking at the illustrations, it's clear the only argument her mother wins is the one over her jacket, possibly because it's winter and you must be warm, lol. She may have also won the socks argument, but none of the other five. Kelly likes red best, and will use and wear red as much as she possibly can.

Who should read this book?
This book has a very predictive text. Each of the Seven things Kelly prefers to be red have four sentences. With this pattern, emergent readers can figure out the text with ease. My preschooler was chiming in on the repeated sentence "I like my red _______ the best" by the end of the book. On our second read through the next night she was predicting the entire book. A week later she could "read" it on her own.

She also has dreams of being a YouTube star, as most kids her age these days.
She constantly takes my cell phone and makes videos of herself changing her "babies" clothes, lol.
Since she was getting upset that I wouldn't post any of those videos for her, we talked about it, and I agreed we would work together to make videos. so now she will be reviewing kids books for me!

Check out her first video below.

How can I use this book to teach?
This book is awesome for opinion writing.
First have your child/students discuss Kellys love for all things red.
Second list all the colours you can think of.
Third have them each decide what is their very favourite colour.
Fourth have each child write sentences about that colour being best using the same format as the book.

Below is a sample page from my Color unit on TPT. The unit should be used with The book.
Resource is listed below as today's featured resource.

Is Red the Best Colour? 
Or does another reign supreme in your house? 
Please comment below!

If you would like me to review other books for kids please leave a comment. It must be useful to either teachers or parents of children age 4 to grade 2.

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