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The Complete Beginners Guide to Animal Masks

Are you currently planning your living things unit for this SpringOriginally Published 2011
This might be one of my favourite units!
I LOVE to do activities with plants, and truth be told, that is actually the easiest part of this unit, but let's not forget about the animals part of this outcome.

What animal do you end up focusing on?
Butterflies? Chicks? Mealworms?
I usually focus on Butterflies.

But I still make sure my students ALWAYS get exposure to animals from across the animal kingdom. We like to talk about biomes. It's an excellent way to talk about animal adaptations and how the animals who like in these biomes are perfectly suited for each and why they wouldn't necessarily do well in another.

How do you extend science into art?
Every year we each pick our favourite animal from each biome we studied. Then we pick JUST one of those animals each and create a mask so we can dress up as it and give a presentation about it's adaptations.

It's a hit!

I think they're very creative!

We had two panthers, three lions, a butterfly, a toucan, an octopus, a chameleon, a cat and a zebra, as well a few that seemed to be called a different animal than planned each time you asked after it was finished.

Personally, I love that Zebra the best.

These are the MASKS I use.

HOW to make these
1. Have students settle on an animal to create and study.
2. Colour/color the masks to match the chosen animals.
3. Glue into shape.
4. Put out and distribute in your favourite method feathers, sparkles and more for student use.
5. Tie on ribbon or yarn
6. Tada!

What do you think?
Would you make animal masks for this unit?

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