Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to Cheat at Bookmarks and Get away with it!

These are totally a CHEAT, and I promise your kids will let you get away with it.

Do you need a craft for this Friday?
Are you short on cash and just need something FREE?

Try these beautiful bookmarks!

I think next year I'll adjust the plan so that the back has rules for "just right reading" on them to encourage my students to challenge themselves. I'll also make sure I have enough packing tape! these would have turned out much nicer if I did.

This was based on a craft in Crafts for all Seasons by Kathy Ross

What you need:
Construction Paper cut to your preferred size (we did ours pretty wide, but I will suggest not as wide next time)
Last Month's extra Scholastic Book Orders
Packing Tape or Press and Seal Laminate

Here's how we did it:

I wrote their names on green construction paper and handed them out. Depending on when in the year you do this project and the age of your kids, you will probably let them print their own names.

Then, the students went through extra copies of the book orders to find pictures of books they wanted to read or have read to glue to the bookmarks. We first talked about how we should carefully go through the book orders and take our time so we only cut out the books we will want to glue to your bookmarks.

After they were glued together I taped (first with packing tape and then unfortunately with scotch tape) to seal so they would hopefully last the rest of the school year. A very successful art lesson.

(originally published 2011)
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