Thursday, March 30, 2017

Save Your Sanity Using Only Animal Noises

Still Planning your Living Things Unit? Originally Published 2011
I'm CONSTANTLY changing what I do, every year. I know there are not enough hours in the day to do it justice when I ALSO have to focus on Language Arts and Math.

Incorporating Science into Language Arts
This is not a new idea. We will all be doing it for the rest of our careers.

I like to READ books that touch on or are connected to my outcomes to my class as part of a language arts lesson.

This morning I read to the class the story "Too Much Noise". 

Do you know this one? It's about an old man Peter who decided his house was making too much noise, so he went to a wise man for advice. The wise man suggests one animal after another for Peter to bring home. All this means that with each page turn his house is getting noisier instead of more quiet. In the end, the wise man says to get rid of the animals, so Peter obediently does. As a result, Peter is pleased to notice how quiet his house really is.

Where's the Science?
Like me, have your students list all the animals, and do their best to ID the sounds made by each animal.

In our class version, my class had ME complaining to our Principal that my classroom was too noisy.

With each new page, the principal says to get a different animal.

I think this was a pretty successful morning, the kids enjoyed drawing their animals and making the sounds (repeatedly) that their chosen animals make.

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