Monday, September 15, 2014

Bathroom Management Tool: Superhero (Batman)

I knew that when I moved classrooms this year I would say goodbye to the bathroom disappearing act issues of last year, but would be saying hello to a host of new issues.

Case in point, my kiddos want to be in the Bathroom ALL THE TIME!
I have one student who I am not kidding was in there at least five times one day this week.

We've had to have a few class chats about how you MUST use the washroom before coming to school in the morning, even if you think you don't have to, and you MUST go again before coming back after lunch. Seems like common sense, but not so much to a bunch of first graders.

So I redesigned my bathroom system from last year, simplifying and prettifying it. 

I found the "Even BATMAN washes his hands" image through a google search. I glued to blue poster board and laminiated for durability. I then stapled on a piece of wide red velvet  ribbon (courtesy my moms craft supplies this summer).

Here's how my system works:
1. Students find their names on the ribbon when they want to use the washroom.
2. They put their nam ein the basket on the table nearby.
3. You may only use ONCE in the morning and ONCE in the afternoon, other than at recess.

This is slowly cutting down on the excessive trips, hopefully it works all year.

How do you manage the bathroom?

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