Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Early Literacy Centres

I have EVERY intention of starting the Daily 5 with my firsties this year and have started a few vital parts, such as the three ways to read a book, but too many of us have ants in our pants. Plus, our literacy skills are so low, only 8 of my 22 students are ready to start guided reading. The rest are missing vital phonics and sight word skills. So, I've started further behind, using the ticket system they are familiar with from their Kindergarten teachers. I have mostly Easy activities for now and will add more and trade them out as we move through the year. My hope is that by January I can start back with the Daily 5.

I took pictures of each current centre activity and glued it to black construction paper along with the name of the centre, as well as glued their SUPER hero pictures to their names on blue paper. Hopefully, these will last all year with daily manhandling.

Do you know how a ticket system works? 

Here's how it works for us:
Each centre is only allowed a certain number of students, in my case 3.
You can pick any centre you want, but if you change centres you have to tidy up what you were doing.
You can change centres, but only to one with less than 3 students currently.

Does that make sense?

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