Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weekly Sight word review

My kiddos are REALLY low, so we have a LOT of work to do this year to make sure we're ready for the Second grade.

So to learn our Sight Words, we're learning them as we review (and in some case learn)  our Jolly phonics sounds. For the first Six letters, you learn the basic sounds for when you're using Jolly are SATIPN.

I painstakingly went through ALL the Dolch list and reorganized all 220 words so that the words were in an order that coordinate with the sounds in Jolly. We'll be long finished with Jolly before we get through all the words though. However, no word will be learned unless we've learned the sound, then we'll get to the tricky words. I'm not really sure EXACTLY how I'll do it as we go along, but for now, we are on pace.

One thing we'll do each week with our Five sight words is the below. I was inspired by THIS PIN for this activity. I put all the necessary letters on post-it notes and had students come up and help me read and spell/sound out the words. If necessary I will review as we go along.

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