Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Super Command board 2014

This is the bulletin board right behind my classroom computer (obviously, since you can see it ).

On it I place: 
My classroom rules (WBT rules, free on my blog), 
My Pow chart (collecting compliments from other community members) and free on TPT
My Super student of the week (we haven't started this yet, but I will have the picture of our student of the week attached and they will have special jobs), From Kawaii Classroom
Our voice level chart (students still need to be introduced to this, I forgot to put it up until yesterday after school) From First Grade A to Z
and Our Calendar. I keep the dates on here for me mostly since we do Calendar, weather and days in school on the Smartboard every morning. Numbers from Elementary AMC Headers unknown, are they yours?

You can also see my crumpled heart from our first bullying lesson. 

What do you keep on your command centre?

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  1. I really like the idea of a command centre! I think it is a great place as kids are looking right ahead while the computer/website is loading. Perfect! I just might borrow this idea....for keeps that is. Thanks for sharing.


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